1. How quickly were you able to be scheduled for your appointment when you called?
 Same day Sooner than expected About average Some delay Takes forever

2. How would you rate the cleanliness of our facility? Immaculate Very clean Average for a doctor's office The facility did not meet my expectations The facility was dirty or lacking accommodations

3. When you arrived for your appointment, how would you rate the time spent waiting to be seen by the doctor?
 I was called back immediately Good Average Longer than some It took extremely long to be called back

4. How would rate our office staff?
 Professional friendly and courteous Kind enough Average for a doctor's office Sometimes rude Offensive

5. How would you rate our doctors?
 Excellent. Always listens and addresses any issues Kind enough and listens to my concerns Average for a doctor's office Fails to listen and address my concerns Offensive

6. How much time does your doctor spend with you during your appointment?
 Far too little Not enough Perfect Too much

7. How convenient are our office hours?
 Perfect Good Average Poor Not at all

8. Overall, how would you rate the quality of care that you receive at our office?
 Superb Good Average Poor Won't be back

9. How likely are you to refer a friend to Complete Healthcare for Women?
 Very likely Pretty likely Maybe Unlikely

10. Please take a moment to commend any member of our staff that provided you with excellent care, respect, professionalism and integrity.

11. Please provide any suggestions or feedback that may help us improve our quality of care.

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