Supreme Court Rules Private Employers No Longer Have to Cover Women’s Contraception

birth control

The ranks of employers agreeing to drop insured birth control for female employees made advancements in insurance coverage. The Supreme Court voted in the favor of for-profit companies who claim a religious exemption to the Obamacare requirement, Affordable Care Act, which requires health insurance coverage for contraceptives. It initiated those companies with more than 50 employees to cover preventive care services, which include contraceptives such as morning after pills, diaphragms and IUDs.


The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling, at the end of last month, holds that private businesses or family-owned cannot be responsible to provide contraception benefits to employees if the owners find contraception as immoral or violation of their religious beliefs. Yesterday, the Senate, reportedly tried to restore the bill for free contraception for all, but was blocked. This coming in after statistics proven that 56 percent of privately insured women were taking advantage of the awarded benefits in 2013, as opposed to only 14 percent in 2012.


Contraception in our Columbus practice is offered in a variety of options, including Depo Provera, IUD, oral contraceptives (The Pill), permanent sterilization, nuvaring and tubal occlusion. Each technique is clinically safe and under evaluation, we help determine if they are a proven fit for your lifestyle.


The idea that birth control is 100 percent free is not entirely accurate, especially since most employer-based health care coverage plans have employees pay for their benefits from a percentage of their wages. Still, many for-profit owners find it unfaithful to their religion in that they are preventing God’s will by using contraception.


The fact is that contraception can help make a woman’s next pregnancy healthier by spreading births apart at an optimal rate of 18 months to 2 years. Unwanted pregnancies closely spaced together carry risks such as prematurity, low birth weight, and autism.


If your health benefits no longer cover contraception after the decision of this ruling then it will be in your favor to visit us and get the best contraception Columbus patients select most often.