img-5Welcome to Complete Healthcare for Women / Mervyn J. Samuel, MD Inc. where we strive to provide Central Ohio with the finest in state-of-the-art, individualized care in the area of comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology.

Since 1974, we have dedicated ourselves in providing the most modern medical care available, but in a way that acknowledges traditional values important to total patient care. We strive to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect, consideration and understanding. We make a special effort to explain everything to you in language you can understand, regarding your condition and the treatment options available. If you ever have questions, or if something is not clear to you, please do not hesitate to ask. Equally important, is our ability to listen…to your questions, your concerns and your special needs.


recptionCHW provides comprehensive quality care to women at all stages of life. We are committed to providing patients with state-of -the-art medical care in a comfortable, respectful environment. Our goal is that every encounter with our patients be positive.

Assisting our medical staff is a group of highly qualified clinical and support personnel selected for their special skills and warm, caring approach to helping our patients. Our clinical staff includes nurses, medical assistants and technicians specifically trained and educated to conduct your health evaluation. Our business staff includes receptionists, scheduling and insurance specialists to help you with appointments and financial services. All are committed to serving you and helping you attain good health.


hallCHW understands the complexities that patients may face with cultural differences and language barriers. That is why we have employed a very diverse and multi-lingual staff of Physicians, Medical Assistants and Healthcare providers speaking several languages such as; Spanish, Russian, Tamil (Middle Eastern) Chinese and Japanese.

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